MicrobeCare: Making the World a Cleaner, Safer Place

MicrobeCare is a unique patented, EPA registered antimicrobial solution that will help reduce the spread of infection and cross communication of dangerous microorganisms on surfaces to which it is applied, and is proven to extend the useful lifetime of products. Our custom application process ensures guaranteed product & surface compatibility.

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MicrobeCare is an antimicrobial coating that can be easily integrated into virtually any polymer, textile, or building material during manufacturing or as an end-of-process application. MicrobeCare eliminates harmful microbes, and protects any man-made material from mold, mildew, and any stain or odor-causing bacteria.

The patented protection of MicrobeCare provides immediate and reactive protection against microbes. When microbes come into contact with a product protected with built-in MicrobeCare technology, our product destroys the cell wall of the microbes, disrupting the growth process and making it unable to reproduce, effectively destroying the organism.

Consumer safety is our top concern. All of our products are guaranteed non-toxic, and have obtained United States EPA and FDA approval. Risk assessments by independent scientific bodies constantly reconfirm the safety of our antimicrobial additives.

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