MicrobeCare is an antimicrobial coating that can be easily integrated into virtually any polymer, textile, or building material during manufacturing or as an end-of-process application. MicrobeCare eliminates harmful microbes, and protects any man-made material from mold, mildew, and any stain or odor-causing bacteria.
The patented protection of MicrobeCare provides immediate and reactive protection against microbes. When microbes come into contact with a product protected with built-in MicrobeCare technology, our product destroys the cell wall of the microbes, disrupting the growth process and making it unable to reproduce, effectively destroying the organism.
MicrobeCare coatings are effective against most bacteria, yeasts, mildew and fungi, including stain, odor, and disease-causing microorganisms.
MicrobeCare is not a replacement for routine cleaning; it will, however, make cleanings far more efficient, and hundreds if not thousands of times more effective.
Consumer safety is our top concern. All of our products are guaranteed non-toxic, and have obtained United States EPA and FDA approval. Risk assessments by independent scientific bodies constantly reconfirm the safety of our antimicrobial additives.
Due to the patented technology that makes MicrobeCare unique, the formula is able to become a permanent part of your product surface, so it will not wear or wash off. MicrobeCare protection is guaranteed to function throughout the average lifetime of your product, and more often than not will extend said lifetime by eliminating bacteria known to corrode or degrade polymer surface material.
Yes, most disinfectants have been approved for use on surfaces treated with MicrobeCare. Click here for a list of approved disinfectants.
MicrobeCare has been shown to preserve its >4 log reduction even after 1200 cleaning cycles with hospital disinfectant. For further details, please click here.

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