Patented Solution with a Customized Approach

MicrobeCare is effective in treating a wide range of products, materials and surfaces throughout the HealthCare, consumer and commercial industries. Our patented technology is peer reviewed and shown effective at protecting products, equipment and surfaces from microbial contamination while increasing the lifespan, overall durability, and market value of products by inhibiting odors and stains caused by bacteria, mold and mildew.

MicrobeCare can be deployed throughout a wide range of products and materials, and is being utilized throughout a diverse list of industries such as healthcare, furnishings, textile and industrial. Our clients have protected their products and surfaces with MicrobeCare to add value to their technologies and help reduce contamination and extend its useful life.

Our Engineers can help develop a strategy to integrate MicrobeCare into your finished products or manufacturing process. Our experience in manufacturing enables our engineers to understand processes to help us determine the best method to deploy MicrobeCare into your product to provide long lasting protection from microbial contamination.

To learn more about how MicrobeCare can be utilized throughout your facility or into your products, please contact us today.

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