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MicrobeCare has assembled a dynamic team of highly educated and competent professionals to meet your personalized antimicrobial needs. Listed below, are some common questions and answers regarding our team and facilities, to help you better understand our unique approach to antimicrobial protection.
At MicrobeCare, we utilize a multidisciplinary team to ensure that our product is effective to the highest caliber, and meets all applicable safety requirements. Our team is comprised of a diverse number of disciplines, including polymer and chemical engineers, quality control specialists, organic and inorganic chemists, and microbiologists. Our team of industry experts has multiple years of experience manufacturing and testing antimicrobials.
Our team of scientists and engineers first uses an in-house laboratory to carry out feasibility studies based on the specific client need, including prototype testing and product formulation. This in-house laboratory allows rigorous control over the creation, application, testing and evaluation processes. This level of control allows us to stand behind our formulations with 100% confidence in their quality and standards. We utilize multiple independent laboratories to validate our in-house testing.
MicrobeCare provides a certificate of Analysis with each manufactured lot of our antimicrobial to assure quality control of finished product. In addition we continuously test lot retains in our lab to continue monitoring the effectiveness of the antimicrobial product. This allows us to ensure that infection, stain, decay, and odor-causing elements are continually repelled.
Our multidisciplinary team is experienced at collaborating with clients to assess their needs and working closely with them to create a customized antimicrobial solution. Our engineers and scientists are also adept at recognizing actual or potential problems during consultations and assessments, and suggesting and implementing creative solutions. Our involvement with large multinational corporations as well as small regional startups has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the unique challenges in many industries and enables us to recommend the optimal solution for your unique need.
If you have additional questions we can help answer about your specific needs please contact us today.

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