Increase Product Useful Lifespan, Market Value

As a manufacturer of building materials, what sets you apart from your competition… aside from your excellent customer service, competitive prices, and speedy product delivery? If you are struggling to answer this question, then MicrobeCare antimicrobial protection may be your solution.

A customized MicrobeCare antimicrobial coating offers the first and best line of defense against mold and other bacteria by inhibiting its reproduction, which can provide a much-needed competitive edge. Imagine the peace of mind your customers will have when you are able to confidently assure them that mold, fungus and bacteria will not warp and destroy their precious investments. MicrobeCare will set you apart from others in the industry who have not invested in such a powerful guarantee.

How long does MicrobeCare last? MicrobeCare is integrated during the manufacturing process, so it never washes off or wears out. If your manufactured products will remain on a shelf for any extended period of time, MicrobeCare will extend their useful life indefinitely by offering a permanent layer of protection from elements such as mold, mildew, odor-causing bacteria, and infection-spreading microbial elements.

MicrobeCare built-in protective coatings can be added during the manufacturing process, without an expensive investment in new manufacturing processes or equipment. Our engineers are experienced at creating customized treatments for a wide array of products: whether you need an antimicrobial surface for a kitchen sink; a toilet seat that is not only antimicrobial but stain and odor-resistant; or a mold-resistant coating for a synthetic-organic roofing surface blend; MicrobeCare has you covered, or coated, as it were.

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