Eliminate Contamination on High-Touch Surfaces

Commercial products are prone to contamination by their very nature. Our objective at MicrobeCare is to ensure that your treated product or surface is not harboring dangerous microorganism and will not be the vehicle for bacterial or viral transmission to their intended user.

MicrobeCare can be used practically anywhere in the hospitality industry: high chairs, tables and seats, food preparation surfaces & tools, food processing & storage areas, bedding, toilets & sinks, common area furniture, building materials and much more.

Public or private transportation vessels can be dirty places, but MicrobeCare can make them safer, and cleaner. Elevators and electronic surfaces such as touch screens can also be treated with MicrobeCare to prevent the colonization and spread of harmful or foul-smelling microbes. Practically any commercial product can be treated with MicrobeCare.

The MicrobeCare patented antimicrobial coating has been successfully applied to clean room surfaces used in the preparation of FDA approved devices and foods. Regardless of your product or surface MicrobeCare can help make your product safer, longer lasting and more marketable in competitive markets.

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