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A home is a sanctuary from the outside world, and also the largest investment that most people will ever make. People go home to relax, to connect with friends & family, and to leave the stressful world behind. Consumers do not want to be concerned with the possibility that harmful bacteria may be multiplying every second on every surface of their home, threatening the health and safety of their loved ones.

MicrobeCare treatment applied to your manufactured consumer products assures your valued customers that they are leaving even more of the rest of the world at their front door. MicrobeCare is built-in defense protecting your products against the odor, stain and infection-causing microbes that inevitably enter a home.

MicrobeCare can be compounded into the paint on walls or bonded to wallpaper and flooring materials like tile and wood to protect against pathogens. HVAC systems and surfaces such as toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are among the many consumer products and surfaces protected against the colonization of harmful bacteria and the spread of odor causing germs with MicrobeCare.

Surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens that have been treated with MicrobeCare are not only cleaner, but also resist difficult stains, so they give the appearance of being cleaner and newer for a longer period of time. If you can guarantee your products are not only safer, but remain stain and odor-free for longer, would that increase the perceived value of your product in the marketplace? Of course it would.

MicrobeCare is not just for the surfaces and fixtures in the home. MicrobeCare can protect everything from appliances to cleaning products, food storage items, luggage, handheld devices… quite literally any man-made surface can be treated with the patented MicrobeCare coating. Anything that is exposed to moisture or is stored for long periods of time is extremely attractive to bacteria, but with MicrobeCare, this attractiveness turns to repulsion. While MicrobeCare is not a substitute for routine cleaning and hygiene practices, it can make these practices more effective.

Toys are often shared within communal areas in preschools and daycares and can be the source of transmission of illness causing microorganisms amongst children. Any hi-touch product or surface is at risk for potential touch contamination and can offer a superior value to the public when treated with MicrobeCare. We have your solution.

Virtually all home surfaces and appliances can be protected with the patented MicrobeCare treatment. Contact us today to protect your customers’ priceless investments, and in turn, your bottom-line.

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