Eliminate Stains & Odor-Causing Microbes

Clothing, footwear, linens, towels and other textiles are a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. These microorganisms feed on heat and moisture, and thrive on items that have been exposed to sweat and water. Many of these bacteria can double their population in a matter of hours, leading to colonization with odor and stain causing microbes. With MicrobeCare protection, textiles stay fresh, non-odorous, and resist stains for much longer, increasing the value and durability of your textile products.

During the manufacturing process, MicrobeCare’s patented formulas can be added directly to the textile, creating a microscopic bond. This bond will last the lifetime of the product, as it is not washed out during routine cleanings. Our textile protection products have been engineered for many specific types of textiles, including synthetic fibers such as polyester and most woven fabrics, and can be custom-formulated for any textile. Simply stated, if you manufacture a fabric, item of clothing or footwear, linen or towels, MicrobeCare will increase the value of your product.

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