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MicrobeCare is your first line of defense against the rapid spread of bacteria and other harmful microbes found on your surfaces. High-touch surface areas in hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, restaurant kitchens and other public places are especially vulnerable to becoming quickly-contaminated, promoting the spread of harmful pathogens. The patented technology of MicrobeCare uses precise methods to apply an even antimicrobial coating to virtually any man-made surface, and is proven to kill greater than 99.99% of pathogens quicker than antimicrobials like Silver, Triclosan and CHG.

MicrobeCare is used by a wide array of industries including healthcare, consumer products, building materials, textiles, and commercial/hospitality. Not only will MicrobeCare increase the safety of any surface, it will also improve the lifespan of your product or other surface by eliminating elements that degrade any surface, such as, mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.

Healthcare: Institutions such as hospitals and skilled nursing facilities seek proactive approaches to stopping hospital-acquired infections. MicrobeCare creates a bacteria-hostile environment, dramatically reducing antibiotic-resistant organisms on surfaces. MicrobeCare continuously combats bacterial replication on surfaces as soon as they are touched, neutralizing the threat before it can spread. MicrobeCare has been used to treat many hospitals and skilled nursing facilities with our bonded surface treatment, which actively combats surface contamination.
Medical Devices: MicrobeCare is also a leader in the coating of biomedical devices. Our coatings have been utilized by global innovators in the medical device industry. MicrobeCare coatings have revolutionized many products and dramatically reduced infection rates by being integrated into the manufacturing process of many devices. Catheters, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis catheters, wound drains and wound vacuums, venous access devices, and transparent drapes are just a few of the devices made safer by our antimicrobial coatings.
Textiles: Multinational textile manufacturers have used our patented technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. With MicrobeCare odor resistant protection, textiles stay fresh for the life of the product. MicrobeCare’s patented formulas can be added directly to the textile during the manufacturing process, increasing the value of your product.
Commercial & Industrial Products: What do giant cruise ships, buses, industrial cutting boards, and high chairs have in common? They are all product that have benefited from MicrobeCare technology. Use of our antimicrobial coating agents has drastically reduced bacteria and other pathogens on surfaces in the hospitality industry, as well as a wide array of other commercial products.

Our engineers are experienced at customizing coatings for many products, and have worked closely with many clients to create solutions their unique needs. MicrobeCare has been seamlessly integrated into carpets, bathroom, kitchen and door fixtures, air filters, flooring, insulation, paints, sealant, toilets and urinals, as well as many other commercial & industrial products.

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