Projects Big & Small, We’ve Done Them All

MicrobeCare is the most versatile antimicrobial available today. Our engineers and consultants have worked with manufacturers in practically every industry you can imagine, from medical devices to furniture manufacturers & distributors. This partnership has allowed our partners to keep their goods free of bacteria, odors and stains, thus increasing the value of their products in the marketplace.

MicrobeCare has been seamlessly integrated into textile, ceramics and polymer-based product lines, to name just a few of our successful partnerships. This flexibility has allowed us to be a powerful partner in many major market penetrations.

MicrobeCare believes that no product is too small, and no operation too localized, to benefit from the value that a customized and flexible MicrobeCare treatment can provide. On the other hand, we are also a global company with enough operational, manufacturing, and regulatory support to ensure that no project or product line is too large for our experts to tackle.

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