Improve the Strength and Lifespan of Any Product

Patented MicrobeCare protective technologies are guaranteed to provide advanced antimicrobial protection for the estimated lifetime of a product. Meeting durability requirements is a standard that we are unwilling to compromise on, as our products are designed to continuously eliminate microbial growth on surfaces under all conditions. Since the surfaces of materials is where most wear and tear occurs, our technologies undergo rigorous testing in our laboratory and field studies to ensure durability of our formulas in real-world settings.

In order to pass durability testing, our formulations must withstand intense and fluctuating temperatures, as well as other environmental extremes. Our formulations are also tested for durability under shearing & friction conditions, and different moisture levels. All of these severe conditions must be withstood by our products, while still maintaining the ability to eliminate microorganisms and their reproduction on a cellular level.

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