More Patents than Any Other Antimicrobial

MicrobeCare holds a long list of patents, which translates to objective value for our many successful partners. As a result, we have the unique ability to share this value with our partners by patenting any product that has been treated with MicrobeCare. We introduce new patents constantly, as our engineers and scientists work hard to ensure that MicrobeCare and our partners remain at the cutting edge of antibacterial technology. Our customized additives cover an extensive range of products, ranging from textiles to construction materials to complex polymer blends. We not only patent our formulations, we have also worked successfully with our partners to patent products once the MicrobeCare coating has been implemented into their manufacturing process.

MicrobeCare is also distinguished by the employment of in-house counsel. Our exclusive legal patent counsel has argued successfully for our customers on various patent infringements, providing extra security in the world’s competitive and cutthroat marketplace. This combination of patent expertise and creative product engineering make MicrobeCare a truly unique enhancement for any product, allowing our partners to rest on an iron foundation of patented technology and ongoing support.

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